The film of Dan Brown is alone the last of a series of productions turned in the heart of Italy

To few days from the exit of the last film drawn by the novel of Dan Brown, Hell, on the pages of the Florentine daily paper a page has appeared with the cast (among which Tom Hanks) that thanked the city of Florence for the hospitality during the resumptions of the movie directed by Ron Howard. Yet Hell is not the first foreign cinema production to decide to exploit the beauty of the Tuscan earths: you are enough to think to Hannibal with Julianne Moore and Anthony Hopkins (again in Florence) or to the most recent series I Medici with Dustin Hoffman. The beauties of the crib of the Italian Renaissance don’t have however the exclusive one as set: you are enough to think about Siena that has served as background to as many productions, among which Quantum of Solace, where 007 (Daniel Craig) skipped about between roofs and medieval towers in one of its missions salute world during the famous Palio. To the more young people the location won’t be escaped instead of New Moon (from the saga Twilight) where the eternity love among Bella and Edwar has risked to prematurely end. The curiosity: in the original novel Stephany Meyer settled the meeting with the Volturis to Volterra, that is played indeed the contest as location up to the last one, surrendering then the cinema fates to Montepulciano for logistic matters of the production. Remaining always in earth senese, who doesn’t remember the expanses of San Quirico d’Orcia framed of it Gladiator with Russel Crowe in the cloths of Maximus? And still The with Mussolini directed by Franco Zeffirelli where the city recognizes him from the 100 towers (even if today it is possible to admire only some of it) San Gimignano. And to conclude the quotations, Stealing Beauty, where a young Liv Tyler and The English Patient it appeared settled besides among the boundaries of Pienza.